It's considered as the second most–awaited festival in the City of Pines, the 6th SLU Lantern Parade has once again captivated the North with this year's theme, "The Lights and Colors of Asia."

Set on the 1st of December, as part of the Christmas in Baguio 2014 and Saint Louis University’s Foundation Anniversary activities, the annual display of lights from the 11 departments of the school started off right after the ceremonial countdown of Baguio’s giant Christmas tree lighting.

It was actually my first time to witness the festive Baguio Christmas Lantern Parade. If it wasn’t my sister’s invitation to watch her marching along the stretch of the city’s main hub and famed business districts of Session & Harrison Road, I will miss–out Cordillera’s grandest lantern spectacle yet again.

The 2014 SLU Lantern Parade showcased the different nations of Asia ―from Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia to name a few. Inspired by Asia’s diverse culture, all lanterns of varied size and shade made by the Lousians’ creative minds were indeed colorful, imaginative and brightly lit with designs unique to each representing country.

Facilitated by separate sets of renowned judges from the art, culture and film industry, one panel of jurors in the street exhibition then another set from the main presentation in the Melvin Jones Football Grounds, the School of Engineering and Architecture once more charmed many spectators with their ingenious, gigantic elephant lanterns and artistic routine representing the “Land of the Hindus ―India,” and took the top prize as the 2014 SLU Lantern Parade Champion.

While it’s a back-to-back feat for the SEA, the runners up which includes the 4–time title holder, the School of Medicine (Vietnam), School of Law (Saudi Arabia), and School of Accountancy & Business Management (Thailand), grabbed the 1st place, 2nd & 3rd place respectively.

School of Engineering and Architecture India

It’s said that the sundown event continue to attract both the locals and thousands of tourists alike each year. Witnessing the annual parade live is beyond doubt a different experience and incomparable to what we usually see ―it was grand, well–lit and spectacularly splendid.

With Christmas just weeks away, the festival sure made not only the mountainous city’s mood and holiday ambiance the more exciting but the island country as a whole. Rover will definitely look forward to watching next year’s lantern parade again.


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