Update: I have relaunched this blog after a halt and renamed it as Onboard The Geek. Read more about the travel geek’s transition to get into blogging again. Ready to get onboard?

Merry Christmas everyone! My name is Jap, author of Kompyuter Sayantist and the young man behind this website. I am an artist, intermediate illustrator, nerd programmer and web developer. I have so many passions but to travel is one of the greatest things I love to do. Although I’m not a good travel writer, I will try my best to document my adventures.

The Nerdy Rover is my journal about my travels in the Philippines. Through the awesome experiences and inspiring stories on the side of my trips, I decided to finally start writing about it. This blog will cover my travel experiences and food trips across the island country and beyond—who knows I will have the chance to travel the world?

I am not a great cook, I am not a great artist, but I love art, and I love food, so I am the perfect traveller. —Michael Palin

While it’s our first blog entry, I will forget the long talking for the meantime and save it in our next story. So brace yourself because we'll start exploring the 7,107 magnificent islands of the Philippines. Leggo!
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