Powdery–white sand beach, clear–emerald green water, scrumptious seafood and warm people ― is what the Boracay Island is famous for.

About a year ago, together with cousins who had a three-week vacation in the country and a list of friends paid a visit to Boracay, the Philippines' top summer–tourist destination.

Planned in the second week of July, set for 3 days and 2 nights, 'twas our first trip to the so–called dream paradise. The group booked an afternoon flight from Clark International Airport in Pampanga to Kalibo, Caticlan that lasted for about an hour.

A group shot taken at the Clark Freeport Zone's aviation center.
Touchdown safely at the Kalibo International Airport, from then we've transferred to a shuttle bus and trekked for about 1 ½–2 hours to Caticlan Jetty Port & Passenger Terminal. Though it was a tiring travel, the experience is far different from the ordinary. From the friendly ticketing staff, we had our first boat ride to the main island.

Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal
Arrived too late, we stayed in La Carmela de Boracay, one of the popular hotels centrally situated in Station 2 that has a fine swimming pool, cozy air-conditioned guest rooms and nice facilities with a contemporary finish.

Boracay Island is composed of three stations with beautiful beaches surrounded by coconut trees, mountains with lush–green vegetation and several stone formations.

A rover posed along the famous white coastline–stretch of Boracay.
Fresh, savoury and flavoursome dishes, you can enjoy them in Boracay especially if it's prepared by the island's finest cuisines and restaurants. On our first night, we had our dinner in Mesa, Boracay Regency’s newest diner known for its modern Filipino–Asian dishes.

With a bowl of rice and ton of great tasting seafood in our table, we sure enjoyed the feast while greeting new acquaintances with huge–sweet smiles and having a bite of the good old days.

Banquet in Mesa
Walking along the busy coastline lit only by the fire of lights and with the shore's cool breeze, is a way to appreciate the place or at least forget the long–exhausting travel; it was undeniably a priceless moment.

D'ya want a postcard sent straight from the Island of Boracay?
The next day, right after our breakfast at the buffet hall of the hotel, geared with bright colour tees, walk-in shorts and descent swim suits; there's really nothing more exciting than to spend the whole day in the beachfront trying out some of Boracay's best water sports and activities.

As early as 8:00 in the morning, we tried first the popular helmet diving as queued for our barkada package. I considered the activity cool, extreme and scary. Wearing a head gear too heavy for you to have the weight and stay-still under the water for 15 minutes or so, aided by only a limited amount of air and the feeling of isolation, the experience was indeed nerve-wracking but then it was fun seeing those lovely and multi-colored fish while we feed them and playing gleefully in a scenic draft of corals.

Panoramic view of the Boracay beachfront.
Aside from reef walking, we tried the fun–bumpy banana boat ride. Scanning our pictures taken during the ride, without a doubt, speak for itself that all really enjoyed the activity unlike the previous one.

Included as well in our itinerary was the ATV or buggy car where we had a pretty good journey from the island's towering hill to its peak view on Mount Luho; the fact that my cart encountered a problem all through our drive, it made the experience more thrilling. To wrap up the half–day adventure, the group tried the Sky Cycle and dropped by the entertaining Trick Art Museum and Buttterfly Gallery in Happy Dreamland.

Lovely exhibit at the Butterfly Museum of Happy Dreamland.
Recharged with a dose of good food and refreshing drinks, our Boracay adventure resumed with an island hopping which was included in our afternoon's travel plan. Station by station, we toured around the Boracay Island's white beach stretch; had a glimpse of the most photo'd Willy's Rock: Grotto of The Blessed Virgin Mary, the scenic mountains carpeted by greens as well as some of the most expensive hotels and resorts like Boracay West Cove and Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa.

Boracay ― Island Hopping & Tour

Boracay experience wouldn't be complete unless you try out the island tour where you will see yourself its stunning natural resource. Our boat stopped by a diving site where we geared up for snorkeling and again feeding a school of fish, not to mention, the weird–black sea urchins scattered off the sea floor.

Boracay is bordered by picturesque reserve, from its ample marine life to deep–rooted trees that live for centuries in the foothills; it's also bounded by scenic white beaches.

Before the sun sets, our boatman dropped us at our last break for the island tour ― the Puka Beach. Not like in the three sections with a powdery coastline, the beach is famous with its pebbly white sand. There we had a wonderful time enjoying the lovely sunset while leaving our foot prints in the sand, soaking in the saltwater and playing our digital camera through a couple of group shots. Indeed, the beach is picture–perfect for epic jump shots especially since it's pristine and untouched, no commercial establishments but just a number of nipa cottages.

Boracay ― Puka Beach
After a tough and challenging day full of new experiences, what could be more rewarding than a good and relaxing full–body massage?

On day three, though the weather was not in our favor, we still managed to stop–by some shops in D'Talipapa. Key chains, fridge magnets, hand–made abaca bags and souvenir shirts were just some of the pasalubongs we've purchased during our visit in the well–known marketplace.

Souvenir mugs sold at D'Talipapa.
Leaving the place you've learned to love for merely few days and to a certain extent that you want to stay at least one more day ― it's pretty sad.

Round the clock, may it by day or night, activities and events in the island of Boracay are endless. With great menus of food serving everywhere, non-stop entertainment, high-class accommodations, warm smiling people and the island itself; is what Boracay differ from any other tourist sites and known by the world today.

Boracay, I promise that we will see you again very soon!

Travel Tips: If you plan to have a one of a kind and fun–filled getaway in Boracay, you have to search or at least read a lot of info through the Internet and better consider the season for you to have a worry free vacation. Also, travel in group ‘coz I assure you it's more fun and exciting most especially if you're with friends, loved ones and family.

*Some of the photographs posted herein are credited to my cousins Kheii and Shamiii.


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