It’s September 1st, so let the nerdy traveller greet you all a Merry, Merry Christmas!

Today’s the start of ber months, it’s the queue for most Filipinos that Christmas time has finally arrived. With over 365 festivals to enjoy and indulge in the Philippines, that’s more than the total of days in a calendar year, the island country also host the longest celebration of Christmas in the world.

Boracay Island
As early as September, Filipinos transform their homes with bunches of glittering golds, shades of reds and greens for the Christmas season. It’s a flourishing tradition, busy streets start to fill with lanterns; like many of the shopping centres and establishments which are now decorated with some Christmas balls and wreaths lit with multi–coloured lights; tiangges, flea markets and bazaars are making their bargain deals yet again and prepare as well for the peak season.

While most of the malls are readying their red tags, it’s only in the Philippines where people unite to usher the season with joyful songs and carols, starting from the very first day of ber months until December. It’s without a doubt more fun in the Philippines; just tune–in your favourite radio station and you might catch the disc jockey greet all the listeners while playing Christmas medleys in the background.

As it near fever–pitch, Filipinos are as well busy filling–up their wish list while looking forward to seeing families and relatives on Christmas Day; surely we’re known to be family–oriented. Philippine’s celebration of Christmas is indeed far different from any other countries, with all of the hardships and calamities it’s facing, it’s unique to Filipinos that we will still put–up our Christmas trees glowing and paint the happiest smiles on our face no matter what.

Is it only the rover who craves for some puto bumbong and bibingka? Are you excited for Christmas? Have you started putting–up your themed pine trees and done with your wish list?

*Photo used herein is copyright by the Philippine Tourism Department.


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