‘Tis the season we’ve all been waiting for. The season of giving wherein we share and celebrate love. So let me greet all our friends a Lovely, Merry Christmas!

Aside from Christmas, today we do celebrate as well the Nerdy Rover’s 1st Anniversary. Exactly a year ago, Kompyuter Sayantist launched it as a journal of his travel experiences, food trips, journey to digital photography and everything beyond. Since then, we’ve featured places and island provinces, mostly from the North of the Philippines, that are postcard–worthy and a must–visit for travelers and tourists alike.

This coming year, rover promise to share and feature more great tourist spots, interesting food tours and restaurant hopping that you’ll definitely love, and hopefully our first backpacking adventure outside the island country. So better watch out for it!

I am sure everyone’s enjoying the holiday feast, unwrapping Santa’s gifts with a big smile and having a great time with their family and loved ones, may it simple or grand, Christmas is all about sharing the love. I am not writing this post long so we can continue with our Christmas celebration and once in a year family reunion.

Thank you for making NR exist on the web, so here’s to another year of exciting adventure and another fun–filled Christmas. Once again, Happy Holidays, Happy 1st–Year Anniversary to all of us.


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