After a long wait, summer time officially begins in the Philippines. I am sure you too are looking forward to this season for an exciting food adventure, travel escapade and an unparalleled experience with family and loved ones. But before we zip up our vacation plans and itineraries this summer, why not first delight in the famous sweet and all–time favorite Filipino dessert ― halo-halo?

Halo-Halo ― Filipino Mixed Fruits and Beans Dessert
Halo-halo, translates to “mix-mix” in the English language, is the most popular if not the famed dessert to cool down the hot season in the island country. Who doesn’t want to taste the Philippine Islands’ best summer treat? Sweetened fruits, beans and kernels topped in a bowl of crushed ice with some ube halaya and leche flan or otherwise with ice–cream plus lots of milk, regardless of differences in the fruit contents, it’s the same dessert with a sweet, fruity and smooth–milky taste that we all love.

This summer, we will be featuring our own version of halo-halo espesyal prepared in less than 10 minutes. What we need are fruit preserves, mixed beans and kernels in syrup sold in the market or if you want to make your own sweetened ingredients for your halo-halo, just cook the seasonal fruits of your choice in sugar as preserves.

Season fruits and beans (clockwise from top): melon, red mung beans, coconut, banana, sweet potato and sugar palm fruit.
  • 2 cups of shaved ice
  • Sweetened fruits and beans such as red mung beans, white beans, chick peas (garbanzos), sugar palm (kaong), shredded young coconut (macapuno), banana (saba) and jackfruit (langka).
  • Some melon in shreds, cubed sweet potato (kamote), corn kernels (mais), red pearls (sago) and coconut gel (nata de coco)
  • Evaporated milk
  • Optional contents you may want to include are sprinkles (pinipig), caramel custard (leche flan), purple yam (ube halaya) and ice–cream.
Halo-halo ingredients (alternate from top–right): chick peas, white beans, purple yam, red pearls and coconut gel.
1. Crush some ice and half–fill a deep bowl.

2. Add the sweetened fruits, kernels and beans or just your choice of sweets over the shaved ice. Top it with some scoop of ice–cream, ube halaya and or leche flan.

3. Serve it with some spoonful of evaporated milk.

Halo-halo is rover’s favorite Filipino dessert during summer. It’s a way to enjoy the season and ease the heat of the scorching sun. It is usually served in a clear–tall glass with the layered contents beneath the shaved ice and topped with just milk and ube yam. But whatever it’s best served or whatsoever the mixed fruits and beans included in your halo-halo, one thing is for sure, it’s a flavorful treat, refreshing and delectably good.


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