It was a beautiful Tuesday morning when we paid a visit to this great and nature–rich town. Located in the Province of La Union at the end of the Mount Santo Tomas range, the place is surrounded by pristine river, lush vegetation and the green mountains carpeted with tall trees of acacia, ipil-ipil and bamboo.

Pugo Resort and Adventure Park
Pugo Resort and Adventure Park in the valley town is one of the rising destinations which continue to attract growing number of travel and adventure enthusiasts across the region. It consists of themed parks with beautiful landscapes, tranquil lotus ponds adorned with common gold fish and carps, two–tier nipa huts and huge inviting pools as well as a mini zoo of birds, reptiles and mammals.

The welcoming place of Pugad, literally means “bird’s nest”, which was then featured many times on national television, lure visitors, tourists and backpackers not just because of the wonderful sceneries but also the beautiful amenities and exciting set of recreational activities for you to enjoy in your one day escapade such as the zip lines, giant swing, wall climbing and rappelling, argo 6x6, kayak and zorb ball. While it’s one of the many reasons why we visited the place, to see the picturesque site is just a breathtaking opportunity to be with nature.

After settling the fees for the group’s admission, we decided to do all the activities we have signed up first to make the most of the time. Our first activity is considered the extremist of all, the lengthiest in Luzon and the second the entire Philippines which is Pugad’s 380 meter–long zip line. Almost all of us were first timers and most are afraid of heights but no one is excuse to not try the longest zip line in the North.

We were the first group to attempt the zip line no. 1 that day. Headed straight into the dropping point where we had our 10–minute drive and a quick trek to the first end of the zip line, which is also the view deck of the place, our Pugo Adventure then started. From beginning to the end, each took us only less than half a minute to complete the entire stretch and winning over our fear of heights was a great fulfillment. The elevation alone which is 300 meters above will give you adrenalin rush, while fear already stuck in your mind, the experience will have you forget it but enjoy the panoramic view of Pugo’s mountain range at the same time overlooking the whole inlet town. We had never done it before so trying out the zip line myself was an experience of a lifetime.

Right after our Superman zip line adventure, we trekked down from the green hillside to the next activity location. As part of the adventure and though the walk was quite challenging as well, we did enjoy the trek through the good trails in a beautiful forested landscape. While half of the group was waiting for their turn for the ATV ride, the boys were the first one to take the challenge so as we were already queued for the paintball activity after.

ATV riding is a must–try activity in Pugad next to zip line. The track we had in our ATV was absolutely an exciting and thrilling ride. Compared to our ATV adventure in Boracay Island, the trails in Pugo was far more unique and extreme because of the narrow curves, rough and muddy slopes. I forgot how many turns we’ve had but nevertheless the drift and experience was the best.

While we were at the paint ball venue gearing up for our friendly match, it was the other group’s turn to drive the rugged four–wheeled coach. As most of us wanted to try the paint ball gun, there really is no escape but to face the combat. Kidding aside, joining the paint ball battle is not as easy as you think because not only you need a bunch of strategies for you to win but also, literally, it’s painful to hit by those paint–stuffed balls. I still remember that one head shot I’ve had but fortunately the time and hard mask saved me from having more injuries. And though it was obviously a fail in our part, the game itself was a rare opportunity because I got to play with my cousin and uncle along with brothers from the other continents. Safety attire and protection of every visitor is paramount at all times and through the assistance of well–trained staff, your visit will go smoothly as planned.

Spending time with family in an inviting nipa hut after a half day spent in trying out the activities is also a good bonding experience. The nipa hut which can accommodate 10 up to 15 people is perfectly situated on the edge of the calm Tapuacan River adorned with a hanging bridge and right in front of the two of the eight swimming pools. Besides, we also tried the kayaking, one of Pugad’s exciting water activities.

Lucky enough the place was not crowded that time and the weather was as well crisp, humid but shady. The fun part of the water adventure, even though not allowed by the staff, was our kayaking race in a very huge pool. We paired up into two and race for a couple of turns. It was indeed a good race although some were hard paddling their kayaks and one has capped off, all of us really enjoyed it. It was a whole lot of fun.

We headed next to the mini zoo. Animals of different kinds are on display in this wildlife garden. From the exotic birds and owls of the Amazon, reptiles like green iguanas, lizards, pythons and tortoises, vibrant set of fresh and salt water fish in huge aquariums, playing Philippine monkeys to rare and sleeping white civet and bear cats as well as a resting female tiger, are just some of the wildlife you can appreciate and encounter inside the little zoo.

Moreover, Pugad also offers comfortable accommodation along with their partner inns for an overnight stay. If you just want to unwind, the place is a huge park where you can have a good rest while embracing the surrounding nature. While it’s an attractive park, it also has gorgeous landscapes and every corner is a lovely backdraft for your family photos and selfies.

Whether you are into nature tripping, fond of trying out extreme sports, looking for a place for your team building activities, and or just want to soak in cold water and have a worthy relaxation after in a unique setting, Pugad is a good place for you to visit and experience. As exciting as it sounds, our visit in Pugo Adventure was indeed one of the best, the happiest and memorable family escape and reunions we’ve had.


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