About a year ago, I joined the 5th group of Korea.net’s Honorary Reporters, under the Korean Culture and Information Service, as representative ambassadors of Korea from around the globe dedicated to contributing content for the Korea.net blog to further promote the inviting country and its culture.

Korea.net’s 5th group of Honorary Reporters during the cultural tour in Korea.
Korea.net Honorary Reporters group portrait in the inviting Cheonggye stream in Seoul.
As part of my affiliation, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to Korea for the first time through an invitational tour organized by Korea.net and KOCIS which was set in the beautiful season of autumn in October last year. Along with fellow honorary reporters and the wonderful team of Korea.net and Tour di Medici, we toured around the city of Seoul and down south of the country to see the hidden gems of Busan and Tongyeong.

Onboard The Geek in the “Land of the Morning Calm” ―South Korea.
With the warm people, amazing food, inviting culture, lovely attractions and such splendid fall colours, it definitely made the cultural tour a great experience.

Sharing some of the highlights of our week-long tour, let us travel Korea through the lens with these set of photos courtesy of Korea.net staff photographer Mr. Jeon Han.

As our first Korea feature series, I would like to extend my appreciation to both the Korea.net and KOCIS, especially to our very friend Ms. Jihye Yoon, for the privilege and making a geek’s dream come true. Also, my gratitude to all the people who have helped me and made the journey even more awesome.
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